New Georgia Booster Seat Law in effect July 1

A new Georgia booster seat law goes into effect Friday, July 1st. The new law signed by Gov. Nathan Deal requires that all children under age 8 must be properly secured in an approved car seat or booster seat while riding in passenger automobiles, vans, and pickup trucks.

The law also requires children under eight to ride in the rear seat unless there is no rear seating, or all appropriate rear seating positions are already occupied by other children, In this case, children under eight may ride in the front seat but must be properly restrained in a child safety seat or booster seat appropriate for their height and weight.


  • Children under age 8 whose height is over 4’9″ or 57″ are exempt from this new law.
  • If a Parent or Guardian has a written statement from a Physician that the child has a physical or medical condition that prevents placing or restraining them as required by law, they are also exempt. Parents or guardians should keep this statement in their possession.

Fine: Any person transporting an unrestrained child may receive up to a $50 fine and one point on their driving record.

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    thanks for your post .One of the most important jobs we have as a parent is keeping our kids in safe when riding in a vehicle. Each year many young babies are killed or injured in automobile they must be in safe in this law and in these car booster seats

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