Meet Chrissy Moler: Wife, Mom and Monster Truck Driver

Life is a Wild Ride for Monster Truck-Driving Mom

By Laura Erickson, editor, LaGrange Moms
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LaGrange Moms recently had the opportunity to interview Chrissy Moler, one of only a handful of female monster truck drivers for the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam.

Chrissy is a mom of three kids, owns a farm in West Virginia with her husband…..and drives a monster truck named XXX – State of Destruction. In our interview, this skilled driver and daring mother opens up about how she began a career she never dreamed she would have and juggles motherhood with an on-the-road lifestyle that comes with being a part of the Monster Jam!

LM: What led you to monster truck competition, and how/when did you first begin? 

Chrissy: I started driving the summer of 2011 and have been with Monster Jam for 2012 and 2013. My husband told me I had to get in the seat; he didn’t have anyone else to drive. I kept insisting that I didn’t want too. Well here I am enjoying the thrill!

Driver Chrissy Moler, photo courtesy of Feld Entertainment

LM: Tell us what driving one of these trucks is like for you. 

Chrissy: I love driving my Monster Truck. I go through so many emotions sitting behind the wheel. I also enjoy interacting with the kids and meeting lots of fans!

LM: How important is safety in this sport? What safety measures do drivers take? 

Chrissy:  Safety is number one. I wear a hans device which hooks to my helmet that keeps my neck and head in place. I also have a five point harness which is “MY” seat belt. There are roll cages in the cab of the trucks which helps when we roll over.

LM: :  Is this your only job or do you have another “day job”? 

Chrissy: I have three kids so being a mom is my first job and most important. Second job consists of farming at home in Harpers Ferry WV, and third job is Monster Trucking. It’s the funniest job anyone could have, but it also contains a lot of work as well, especially maintaining and working on them.

LM: What about your family? Do they travel with you? 

Chrissy: I have three kids who are nine, seven, and two years of age. All of them love traveling and watching the shows. They get to see a lot!!!

LM: What is the highlight of your career thus far? 

Chrissy: I have many highlights, such as being able to see many different places, being able to crush cars, and the greatest is being able to make many new friends along the way.

LM:  What advice do you have for anyone wanting to enter the sport? 

Chrissy: Someone who wants to enter the sport should start with crewing for anyone who has a monster truck. This will help them get familiar with the mechanics of the truck.

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