Registering for School: Tips for Newcomers

Crayons and back to school text over white background

Registering for School: Tips for Newcomers Are you new to the Muscogee County School District? Have you have moved or had a change of address? Here are some tips to help you get your child registered and ready for the first day of school in August. 1. Visit the School District's … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Non-stretch Denim Jeans

denim jeans

Dear Non-Stretch Denim Jeans, I really miss you. Do you remember the days when I could put you on and with a few plie squats we’d be like old pals? Remember that? I do. Now, when I put on a worn-in pair of jeans, they fit. I mean, they really fit. Skinnily. My legs are encased like sausages … [Read more...]

Kids Craft Ideas

Cute ladybird drawing on pebble with path

Kids Craft Ideas As summer lingers, here are some easy craft ideas to occupy your children indoors for a hour or two. Together, you can create some masterpieces and fun memories that will last a lifetime. o.Remember to cover your table or work surface with old newspaper. This makes for easy … [Read more...]

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy – an OB-GYN’s Perspective

21 weeks pregnant

  The Second Trimester of Pregnancy - Weeks 13-28 By Serena D. Tidwell M.D, Midtown OB/GYN The second trimester of pregnancy is often referred to as the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy. The fatigue and nausea common during the first trimester resolve.  Expecting mothers feel better … [Read more...]

7 Tips for a Safe Fourth of July

Safe Fourth of July

7 Tips for a Safe Fourth of July Don't let food poisoning, near drownings, or fireworks-related injuries spoil your family's Fourth of July. Here are some tips to keep the day safe and enjoyable for all. Play safe around water Never swim alone and make sure that any children are properly … [Read more...]

Time Out Ideas for Mom

Time out for Mom

Time Out Ideas for Mom “You are not selfish when you acknowledge your own needs. You are self-aware and that’s important.” ~ Kendall Parkhurst I love my boys. They are the center of my world. But sometimes being a mom can be overwhelming. I miss the things I used to do before kids. I get … [Read more...]

Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents

Teenage Problems, Social Issues and Bullying

What to do when your child/teenager won’t talk to you, and when to seek help: a Child Psychologist’s Perspective By Michelle DeRamus, Ph.D. As children get older and move into the teen years, it is natural for them to want to spend more time with their friends and open up to them more than to … [Read more...]