Childrens Dental Health Month

Child at the dentistry

February is National Childrens Dental Health Month. This is a great time to focus on the benefits and the importance of oral health in children. Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic diseases in children and teens. According to the CDC, 21% percent of children aged 6-11 years have at least one cavity in their permanent teeth. The […]

Healthy Lifestyle, A Family Affair

healthy lifestyle

Our journey to a healthy lifestyle has been a family affair. By Charlotte Bowman In September 2015, my youngest hit a grow spurt that caused his weight to greatly outpace his height. He shot up 20 points on the percentile chart in just four months. Instead of a graceful rising curve, his growth chart was a sharp spike. Needless […]

How to protect your children from sex trafficking

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Recently, Muscogee Moms had the opportunity to attend a community roundtable on child sex trafficking. People from across the state of Georgia attended this event to learn more about this issue and how to handle it. Domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) — colloquially known as “child prostitution” — occurs when American children (under the age 18) are sold or exploited […]

Holy Hormones! Funny puberty questions from preteens


By Monica Cobis 7 Funny Puberty Questions from Preteens Before teaching “The Talk” I figured tweens had a multitude of sources to find out information about puberty. Come to find out, tweens have a variety of questions that puzzle and fascinate me, as well as make me think and laugh. If you do not think your […]

Is your child suffering from schoolitis?


By Peggy Bryson, R.N. Calvary Christian School Nurse The major decision of the morning – When your child says “I don’t feel well.” Some mornings we all feel like staying home.  With our children, it can be a real issue to determine if they are truly sick or just having a “schoolitis” day.  Below are some […]